Also produced in sparkling and fizzy variations, Romagna Trebbiano is one of the most common white wines on the tables of osterias and kitchens in Romagna.

The origins of Trebbiano date back to antiquity: its cultivation seems to date back to the Etruscan and Roman eras and it was also on the lips of Pliny the Elder, who remembered having drunk the Vinum trebulanum and also included it in his encyclopedia Naturalis Historia. However, the first reliable sources date back to the fourteenth century, when the agronomist Pietro de' Crescenzi referred to it, writing "there is another species of grape, called Tribiana, which is white with round, small, and abundant berries, which in young age does not bear fruit but becomes fertile as it grows."

A white wine with a delicate hue, typically straw-colored, characterized by a savory and dry flavor, which releases freshness and fragrance in the mouth.