Torre dell'Orologio - Clock Tower

Old tower of Medieval Bertinoro

The tower is older than the Town Hall and was originally very tall, also serving as a lighthouse for seafarers. In 1599 the decision was taken to reduce its height by about one half, and a Baroque-style bell chamber was inserted.

The wrought iron balcony and a niche for the terracotta statue of the Madonna of the Lake, patron saint of Bertinoro, were added in 1789.

A prison was created at the base of the tower in 1816, later becoming a café and then the fire service headquarters.

In 1934 the tower was restored together with the façade of the Town Hall, and it was decided to replace the existing, 17th Century clock with the current one, also changing its position to the side of the tower.

The bells that still sound out the hours today are engraved with their date of casting, 1516, and embossed with the Town Crest and the image of the Madonna of the Lake.