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Santuario di Casticciano - Casticciano Sanctuary

Stands at a crossroads, in a fine viewpoint.

via Loreta 97

Only during commemorations of the miracle

On 2 July 1612, Agnese Dalle Tombe regained her sight after reciting the rosary before the image of Our Lady of Grace painted by Bentivoglio and kept inside a little chapel where a church once used to stand.

After the miracle had been pronounced genuine at the end of the thorough verification procedure, on 16 July 1612 the decision was taken to rebuild the church, which was completed in 1619.

More work was done in 1704, completing the current building with its Latin cross shape. The relief above the main doorway is by Elisa Morelli and shows Agnese’s miraculous cure.

The Via del Rosario (Way of the Rosary) by Faenza sculptor Gaetano Dal Monte stands close to the Sanctuary.