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Sangiovese is Romagna’s most typical red wine, reflecting all the region’s distinctive characteristics

Bertinoro’s wineries have chosen it to represent the zone’s specific terroir. Therefore, the geographical specification “Bertinoro” can only be used on the “king” of wines: Romagna Sangiovese DOC Riserva.

The Sangiovese grape is ideal both for making young wines, highly coloured in view of the large amounts of anthocyanins in its skin, and for the production of very long-lived wines, in which the ageing process attenuates its distinctive high acidity and tones down its tannins to produce a highly prized, particularly complex wine.

The bouquet of Sangiovese is mainly of red and black fruit, especially bitter cherries, blackberries, plums and bilberries. Depending on how the grapes are grown and ripened, its bouquet may also include floral fragrances, especially of violets and roses