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Comune di Bertinoro

The Historical Reserve of the Sangiovese di Romagna wine

On the 11th december 2011 the Historical Reserve of the San Giovese di Romagna wine was opened. This project aims at keep and preserve the memory of one of the most important local wines through a selection of fine bottles which are meant to represent the diverse terroirs of Romagna.

This place offers the possibility to compare different wines from different areas and years, in order to discover the common elements that form the identity of Sangiovese di Romagna. This room becomes a very special place for wine professionists, journalists and experts who wish to deepen the knowledge of this beautiful region and its wines.

The selection is carried out by the Italian Association of Sommeliers. Every year 30 different wineries offer at least six of their best bottles (1800 bottles a year) . The bottles, passing from hand to hand through a long humain chain formed by local producers, authorities, and visitors are finally placed inside the Reserve, thus symbolising the building up of a common regional identity.