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Quartiere La Giudecca - Jewish Quarter

Old Jewish quarter

via del Fossato

A Jewish community established itself in Bertinoro in the late 14th Century.

A contract from 1419 refers to a house belonging to Leone the Jew, between today’s Via Mainardi and Via Fossato. The building, which can be dated to the mid 15th Century and is in the middle of the Giudecca, is constructed in brick and ashlars. The parts where the families lived can still be traced on the front of the building. Pottery tiles showing the Horn of Plenty and the Eternal Flame can be seen on the eastern side, on the corner between Via Fossato and Via Mainardi. It is probable that the Jewish community’s Synagogue was housed in this side of the building.

Ovadyah Yare, one of the greatest scholars of the Mishnah, still known as The Great Bertinoro today, was born here in the mid 15th century.