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Palazzo Ordelaffi

Now the Town Hall

Sala del Popolo and Sala Quadri can be viewed in office hours (Mon-Fri: 7.30-13.30 / Tues-Thurs: 14.00 – 17.00 hrs)

The Town Hall was built by Pino I Ordelaffi when he conquered Bertinoro in 1306, driving out the Guelfs.

The eight massive pillars in local stone date from a period prior to the 14th Century, while the masonry is built from rubble. In fact, it is believed that the Palazzo was built with material scavenged from previous buildings. However, the Ghibelline crenelations form part of the imitation-medieval restoration by the architect Cesare Bazzani in 1934.

On the first floor there are two large rooms, the Sala del Popolo, or Room of the People, used for town meetings, and the Sala della Fama, or Room of Fame, better known as the Sala Quadri, or Picture Room, because it contains the cycle of paintings by Antonio Zambianchi (1748-1780), recounting the history of Bertinoro.

The painting by Francesco Podesti (1800-1895) from Italy’s Marches region, entitled Stamira sets fire to the machines at the siege of Ancona (Stamira incendia le macchine all’assedio di Ancona), in the Mayor’s office, is particularly fine.