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Chiesa di San Silvestro - Church of San Silvestro

Restored to its original splendour by the restoration work in 2010

The church was rebuilt by Camaldo architect Paolo Soratini (1682-1762) in late Baroque style from 1740 to 1749. The church belonged to the Benedictine Sisters of Corpus Domini order of nuns until 1797, becoming the church of the Diocesan Seminary after the post-Napoleonic Restoration.

It has a single nave. The designs of the stucco decorations of the fine altarpiece of the main altar are attributed to Soratini himself.

The painting of Saints Silvester and Benedict in adoration of the Sacred Heart (San Silvestro I papa e san Benedetto abate in adorazione del Sacro Cuore) is the work of Forlì painter Giuseppe Marchetti (1722-1801).