Badia - Abbey

Convent of Santa Maria d’Urano

Via Badia 8

The first mention of the abbey is in the Annales Camaldulenses, where it is referred to as one of Romagna’s most important monasteries. It was donated to the Benedictines in 1176 and a large number of abbots of this abbey of Santa Maria d’Urano were named Prior General of the order founded by Saint Romuald.

In 1431 the Blessed Ambrogio Traversari, one of the leading 15th Century Humanists, was named Prior General during his time at the Abbey.

Suppressed under Napoleon, in 1805 the Abbey was purchased by the banker Domenico Manzoni, a patron of artists including the great sculptor Canova. In 1895, the Manzoni family entrusted the Abbey to Sister Serafina Farolfi, founder of the Order of the Missionary Franciscan Clarists of the Blessed Sacrament, still based there today.

Destroyed during the 1944 bombing raids, the Abbey was rebuilt to its original plan in 1955.