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Comune Bertinoro


Bertinoro’s gold

Albana is the most famous of Romagna white wines, a traditional wine only made here. It was the first Italian white wine to receive DOCG status, in 1987.

Originally a sweet, country wine, nowadays Albana is enjoying a renaissance as winemakers are only just discovering how much they can do with grapes of this ancient variety, which only grows in Romagna.

Albana di Romagna is an unusual wine, with characteristics rarely found in a white wine, since it contains tannins. It is a pale yellow colour with just a touch of gold, with a flowery, fruity bouquet. Some people describe it as a red wine cross-dressing as a white: it has all the body and structure of a red wine, and some producers are starting to age it in wooden casks. But it has all the refinement and smoothness of a white wine, and can be used to make excellent straw wines.