Itineraries In the Hinterland

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Local Flavours

Bertinoro is one of the most suitable hilly areas in the Emilia-Romagna region for wine-growing. The most famous wines produced here are Albana DOCG, Sangiovese DOC, Pagadebit, Trebbiano and Cagnina.

The local limy soils give Albana grapes different characteristics from those that can be usually found in the rest of Romagna.

And the same goes for Sangiovese, which distinguishes itself for its deep ruby red colour and its strong and lingering aroma.

Pagadebit ('debt payer'),a grape variety saved by the wine-growers of Bertinoro, is an excellent white wine similar in quality to Albana. This species of vine got its name because of its great strength and ability to produce fruit, and hence pay debts, in the worst of years

Another typical local product is Squacquerone cheese, a very soft, round rindless cheese of poor origin, loved by the most refined gourmets.

Not to mention Piadina, the typical local flat bread, which goes perfectly with excellent local charcuterie, squacquerone cheese, wild herbs, and, of course, a good glass of Sangiovese wine.

Other local specialities include Saba or Sapa, a real “grape syrup” as the famous local gastronome Pellegrino Artusi called it, and Sapore or Savor, a sort of hand-made jam made soon after harvest according to ancient rural traditions.

Thanks to its geographical position, the Bertinoro area is also particularly suitable for growing olive trees, which results in the production of an excellent Extra virgin olive oil.

If you stop at any of the numerous farms and wineries spread all over the Bertinoro area, you will be amazed by the people you will meet and, thanks to their work and products, you will be able to enjoy the traditions, values and flavours that make the life here so rich, beautiful and tasty.