The Fortress

At the end of Strada della Vendemmia, instead of going along via Mazzini, walk up just a little along via delle Asse and reach the Giardino dei Popoli bordered by the most ancient part of the town walls and by some keeps. You will now be at the foot of the Fortress and, more specifically, next to one of its most ancient keeps called “Rivellino”.

On the opposite side, a narrow street leads to a small passage risen to the rank of gate called Porta del Soccorso (rescue gate) because it is through this passage that in 1172 the Bertinoro troops went out to help the town of Ancona besieged by the imperial army.

Inside the centuries-old Fortress, which has been housing the University Residential Centre since 1994, there is the Museo Interreligioso, a unique museum in Italy, which contains some very valuable objects of the great Mediterranean religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam).

Walking down the steep street in front of the Fortress entrance, you will pass by the outside walls of the former episcopal seminary, which is today the guest quarters of the University Centre.

Crossing piazza Ermete Novelli, where there is a small term of the homonymous actor and playwright (1851-1919) born in Bertinoro, and going along the main road, you will get back to piazza della Libertà.