Town Center

Starting from via della Trinità at the exit of the car park in largo Cairoli, after a few steps you will find yourself walking between seven beautiful paintings in Strada della Vendemmia, which ends in via Vendemini, a historical narrow cobbled street that leads you almost to piazza della Libertà along a pedestrian path.

Walking into the square, you can see the Cathedral and, next to it, the Town Hall with the Civic Tower and, in the background, the Ring Column, the symbol of hospitality, which is the heart of the history and traditions of Bertinoro.

From the terrace in piazza della Libertà, walk down along the wine information panels “Sapere di Vino” and to Enoteca Ca’ de Be’, where you can admire the Albana Bell with rare high relieves and a ceramic work of art representing the ancient wine-pressing method.

Taking via delle Mura, you can admire some beautiful paintings portraying ancient trades.

The town’s defensive walls of Byzantine origin serve today as parapet of a narrow street that runs very close to the town centre just below.

At the end of the itinerary, a passage leading to the Torrione San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s keep) will take you to Piazza Guido del Duca, also called Piazzetta (small square), which is the commercial heart of the town with many shops and cafés.