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From Ravenna: “Pieve” Church Tour

By car or by bicycle

From the gold of Ravenna’s glittering mosaics to the silent spirituality of Romagna’s Romanesque churches. This itinerary leads visitors on a journey of discovery to lesser-known places: the places of the soul.

Historically, a “pieve” (derived from the Latin word "plebs", or “people”) was a church outside the town walls, a focal point for the entire community in both spiritual and administrative terms. All the “pieve” churches shared a common feature: the font, which allowed baptism to be offered to the faithful of the district.

The route can be travelled by car, but we advise those who wish to rediscover the locations’ Medieval “feel” and enjoy the full impact of these fine churches, which appear suddenly at the end of a road or behind some trees, to follow it by bicycle. It can be travelled in a number of stages, with overnight stays at some of the area’s many agriturismo and B&B establishments.

  1. Pieve di S. Apollinare a Longana (Ravenna)
  2. Pieve di S. Pancrazio a S. Pancrazio di Russi (Ravenna)
  3. Pieve di S. Stefano in Trento a S. Pietro in Trento (Ravenna)
  4. Pieve di S. Lorenzo in Vado Rondino a S. Pietro in Vincoli (Ravenna)
  5. Pieve di S. Cassiano in Decimo a Campiano (Ravenna)
  6. Pieve di S. Bartolomeo ad Decimum a S. Zaccaria (Ravenna)
  7. Pieve di S. Pietro in Quinto a Pievequinta (Forlì-Cesena)
  8. Pieve di S. Maria in Acquedotto (Forlì-Cesena)
  9. Pieve di S. Donato a Polenta di Bertinoro