Itineraries In the Hinterland

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Fratta Terme - Bertinoro -Fratta Terme

route P2

Starting point Fratta Terme (Spa car park)

A circular walk rated as Medium/Easy, it leads along paths and unpaved roads that serve the vineyards, with some stretches of metalled road. The route offers the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of the hilly landscape to the south of Bertinoro and can be walked at any time of year but is particularly lovely in spring or autumn. In summer it should be walked in early morning or late afternoon.

The route leads from the Grounds of Fratta Terme to the hill of Bertinoro, with a view of its hinterland running all the way to the horizon.

The Spa is the ideal place for restoring balance and harmony to the mind-body relationship. The springs are rich in precious mineral salts, classified as “saline spa water” and known for their beneficial, health-giving effects since Roman times.

The walk offers spectacular views and, in the second part, on the way back from Bertinoro to Fratta, in particular, an unexpected touch of adventure. It introduces us to a really lovely, interesting, unique landscape, where the skilful work of man has successfully conserved nature and entered into harmony with the landscape. The sunset over the hills will provide us with additional proof of this, its light revealing all the loveliness of this enchanting corner of Romagna.

You can download Bertinoro's map at the link: