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Bertinoro -vineyards - Bertinoro

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This circular walk starts and ends in Bertinoro. The best place to park is the car-park on via Badia next to the Badia di S. Maria d’Urano (Abbey of St Mary of Urano), rebuilt in the 1960s over the ruins of the old 16th Century Abbey of the Camaldoli Order, now the Convent of the Franciscan Clarists, a few hundred metres from the centre of Bertinoro.

The route crosses easy hill terrain, along old roads now unused, a few stretches of metalled road and sometimes barely recognisable tracks, passing through vineyards, wheat fields and orchards.

The walk is a fascinating way of getting to know this part of Romagna with its close links to agriculture and in particular its vineyards and vast orchards. At the recommended times of year, it offers delights such as the splendid spring blossoms and the autumn grape harvest. The main cellars along the walk can be visited all year round to taste the local products as processed by the farmers themselves, who are always proud to present the fruits of their labours.

This walk is at its very best in spring and autumn and can be rounded off by a visit to the various cellars and a break in one of the local restaurants for a snack or a delicious lunch/dinner in the hills.

You can download Bertinoro's map at the link: