Starting with women

There are many women who contributed to write the history and culture of Bertinoro, offering their talent for the common good, leaving important, sometimes legendary, and often hidden signs. Following the itinerary, it is possible to reconstruct a female universe, made up of different approaches and points of view, but characterized by talent and wisdom that are too often forgotten. And before proceeding along the itinerary, we should bear in mind that women in Romagna have always led the care of the home. She is thearzdora, dialect word meaning the "mistress" of the house who holds in her hands the fate and fortune of her family.


Aldruda Frangipane

Aldruda Frangipane

porta soccorso

Porta del Soccorso

galla_placidia (2)

Galla Placidia

campana dell albana D.Bressan

Campana dell'Albana

Strada della Vendemmia _pigiatrici

La pigiatura - Franco Vignazia (Strada della Vendemmia)

Strada della Vendemmia

Strada della Vendemmia




Santa Caterina d'Alessandria

Bertinoro_pieve Polenta_Lorenzo Angelini

Pieve di Polenta


Francesca da Rimini e Paolo Malatesta

grazia deledda

Grazia Deledda