Slo' Fest - interview with Gianluca Gotto

Giardini della Rocca, via Frangipane 6, 09.00 pm

As part of Slo' Fest, the week of slow and sustainable tourism held in Forlì from June 10th to 15th and organized by the Inzir association, Bertinoro includes in the Borghi e Rocche di Romagna program a talk with a very special guest: Gianluca Gotto with "The Questions That Change Your Life."

Gianluca is an Italian writer who has been living abroad in Indonesia for some time. Through his blog Mangia Vivi Viaggia, he has been inspiring thousands of people for ten years to view personal growth as a journey to be undertaken with full awareness. His books have become category bestsellers, and he is followed by over 500,000 people on social media, primarily in the 25-45 age range.

From his first book "The Coordinates of Happiness" to "Something Wonderful Always Happens" and "Pura Vida," Gianluca tells personal stories and those of other travelers who, driven by a state of intense dissatisfaction, open themselves to the search for a deeper meaning in their journey. What fascinates most about Gianluca, and strikes thousands of readers across Italy, is the answer he provides to these questions. The search for happiness does not come from seeking new contexts or relationships but from looking within oneself.

In his latest book, just released, "Gli 8 passi del Buddha verso la serenità” (The 8 Steps of the Buddha Towards Serenity") Gianluca Gotto combines his personal quest with the Buddhist philosophy that has intertwined with his path.

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Evening Program:

From 7:00 PM: Opening of the food area: food trucks with local realities and products from the region

9:00 PM: Gianluca Gotto - "The Questions That Change Your Life" - Interview talk with Mattia Fiorentini

10:30 PM: Conclusion of the event