Festival of Hospitality

Hospitality in Bertinoro is at the core of its community life, a deeply rooted element of its culture, as one may be able to witness when looking at the "Column of the Rings", situated right in the heart of town. Built around the 13th century, it has 12 rings identically forged rings, each one belonging to those local families who were ready to embrace and welcome whichever traveler would arrive dismounting their horse in search of hospitality and shelter, the rings' purpose was to tie one's steed to them after a long journey.

Each year, on the first weekend of september, this customary ritual is repeated as the most important part of a major four days commemoration, when the entire community gathers in the fascinating medieval town center.

Aside from the rite, one can take part in several activities: concerts, shows, food stands, ethnic markets... all of this comes together, making this weekend a sight to behold and an event not to be missed.

For info: turismo@comune.bertinoro.fc.it - ph. +39 0543 469213