Bertinoro Great Concerts - Vinicio Capossela | Altri tasti: canzoni urgenti

Giardini della Rocca, via Frangipane 6, 9.30 pm

Vinicio Capossela presents his "Canzoni Urgenti" with his band, a musical narrative that expresses and exorcises the turmoil experienced by Italians during the pandemic, reigniting the desire to live.

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Singer-songwriter, poet, writer, and phantasmagorical entertainer, Vinicio Capossela (Hannover, 1965) made his debut in 1990 under the aegis of Renzo Fantini (Paolo Conte, Francesco Guccini) with the album "All’una e trentacinque circa," which earned him the Targa Tenco award, a prize he would receive five more times in the following years.

If with the autumn tour "Con i tasti che ci abbiamo" - which brought the Thirteen Urgent Songs to the theater - touching certain keys seemed necessary to respond to certain urgencies imposed by current events, it will be even more necessary to touch "Altri tast" now that those criticalities have not diminished and new urgencies seem to add to the old ones, shadowing even the summer horizon.

A natural continuation of the urgent concerts of the past months, "Altri tasti" therefore aims to continue to give public prominence to words, and with words and music, compose a concert that weaves the splinters of a world that seems to have fallen apart. Thus, it offers a discourse of criticism of the present through which it is possible to recognize the possibility within limits and imagine a collective perspective in which reason and feeling are held under the seal of gratitude for a life redeemed from its fragmentation.

Produced by Fondazione Entroterre and Bertinoro Estate.