Bertinoro Great Concerts - Cisco & Bandabardò | Ultimo Tango

Giardini della Rocca, via Frangipane 6, 9.30 pm

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Bandabardò can rightfully be considered one of the most lively live bands in Italy. Their concerts are overflowing celebrations of affection: the audience participates massively, singing tirelessly every song, constantly duetting with the artists on stage, never missing a single verse, in an exchange of understanding that never ceases to amaze. This affection translates into impressive numbers not only at live shows: thirteen albums released (including live albums, special projects, and foreign publications), a DVD, an official autobiography, and, on the occasion of their 25-year career, a new version of "Beppeanna - Se mi Rilasso Collasso" - sung and played with Stefano Bollani, Caparezza, Carmen Consoli, Max Gazzè, and Daniele Silvestri. Over the years, the Bardozzian map has also expanded rapidly with long tours that include France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, and even Chiapas and Canada.

Stefano Bellotti, aka Cisco, was the historic voice of the band Modena City Ramblers from 1992 until 2005. With them, he released eight albums, playing over a thousand shows in Italy and Europe, and founded a genre that we now all know as combat folk. He later embarked on his solo career, dealing with folk-rock-inspired songwriting among international productions, theater, and literature. His solo career is also characterized by a very high number of live performances, and the diversity of his production has also led him to be a protagonist of theatrical tours and book presentations. There are also many collaborations, including Casa del Vento, Ginevra Di Marco, Bandabardò, the Mondine di Novi, the Nomadi, Giulio Cavalli, and "The Liberation Project" conceived by Dan Chiorboli together with Phil Manzanera (guitarist of Roxy Music).

The paths of Bandabardò and Cisco have crossed many times, in recording studios and on countless stages. A deep sharing of sounds and ideas that started from afar and in 2022 culminated in "Non fa paura," an album of new songs created together, and a joint tour.

Produced by Fondazione Entroterre and Bertinoro Estate.