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Polenta - Polenta

route P3

Starting point Polenta (Polenta car park) - at the moment the route isn't viable

This easy walk starts and ends in Polenta, a few kilometres from the centre of Bertinoro, outside the Romanesque “Pieve” church of San Donato in Polenta. The church, a real gem dating from before the 10th Century, now completely restored, is open to visitors without restrictions all year round.

The walk starts from the village, on a ridge between the Savio and Ronco valleys, still with its resident population and kept culturally alive by the activities organised by the Amici di Polenta (Friends of Polenta) association.

On a clear day the Adriatic coast can be seen from the ridge, but during the walk the focus is on the hill landscapes of the hinterland, walking old abandoned roads, sometimes only just recognisable, which run through vineyards, wheat fields and orchards.

The sensation one receives along the walk, which first leads downhill and then climbs back up, is that of walking the way people used to do in days gone by, to get to the fields to work, to go to town to do business, or just walking between houses to visit a neighbour.

This walk is at its very best in spring and autumn and can be rounded off by a visit to the Church and a break in one of the local restaurants for a snack or a delicious dinner in the hills.

You can download Bertinoro's map at the link: